2021 Research Grants

  • $9,205             Iowa State University (Christopher J. Currey) – Tabletop Poinsettia Tree Production

  • $13,000           Kansas State University (Raymond A. Cloyd) – Effects of Entomopathogenic Fungal-Based Insecticides in Suppressing Populations of the Citrus Mealybug, Planococcus citri, under Greenhouse Conditions

  • $13,000           Michigan State University (Roberto G. Lopez)  – Developing Production Protocols for Quick Cropping of Containerized Succulents

  • $5,000             Seed Your Future in conjunction with North Carolina State University (John M. Dole) – Salary Study of the Horticulture and Floriculture Industry

  • $12,000           The Ohio State University (Michelle L. Jones) – Using Beneficial Bacteria to Improve Post-Production Stress Tolerance and Shelf Life

  • $14,046           The Ohio State University (Francesca P. Hand) – Exploring the Use of Anaerobic Soil Disinfestation (ASD) for the Control of Soil-borne Pathogens Affecting Cut Flowers

  • $6,095             University of Kentucky (W. Garrett Owen (PI), Lopez (Co-PI), Mattson (Co-PI), and Krug (Co-PI) – Photosynthetic Light Calculator (LightCalc) Expansion and Upgrade  

  • $9,940              University of Massachusetts, Amherst (Amanda L. Bayer)  – Irrigation Water Temperature Effect on Root Development During Propagation

  • $9,280             University of New Hampshire (Anissa Poleatewich) – A Survey of Floriculture Species Susceptibility to Soil-borne Root Disease in Wood Substrates

  • $22,950           Washington State University (Lindsey J. du Toit) – Xanthomonas and Ornamental Brassica Production: Insights from the Vegetable Brassica Seed Industry

New York Florists’ Club Grants

  • $16,000           University of California, Berkeley (Mary C. Wildermuth) – Targeting Powdery Mildew Genes That Act in Plant Colonization to Limit Powdery Mildew Disease

2021 Total.......... $130,516.00


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