New York Florists' Club Grants
  • Founded in 1887, the New York Florists' Club served the interests of floriculture through the dedication of its membership and the leadership of many respected industry and academic individuals. The Club held regular monthly meetings in New York City wherein fellow growers, wholesalers, retailers and academicians shared their experiences, engaged in productive discussion and displayed products for judging by their peers.

  • The New York Florists' Club Endowment was made possible by the generosity of its membership and their recognition of the need to advance floriculture through the funding of research and education. During the 106 years of the club's operations, countless scholarships and grants were made to worthy students and researchers at institutions throughout the United States.

  • On March 8, 1993 the members of the New York Florists' Club voted to suspend operations of the club and transfer the club's remaining monies to the Fred C. Gloeckner Foundation Inc. Mr. Gloeckner, a life member of the New York Florists' Club and a strong supporter of its activities, had very similar goals with respect to facilitating research and education in floriculture. In accordance with the transfer of the club's assets to the Gloeckner Foundation. "New York Florists' Club Grants" have been established as a continuing tribute to the many industry people who gave so genersouly of their time and resources to improve and enhance the future of our industry.

  • The Fred C. Gloeckner Foundation is honored to make these funds available and to also recognize the members and trustees of the New York Florists' Club for holding floricultural research and education as a high priority.

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